backyard leaves

I spent a good part of the early afternoon at a coffeehouse not too far from my current residence. Close to three hours to be exact. I was discussing various parenting issues, to include future housing moves for us both, with my children's father.

Some issues we agreed upon. Others we agreed to disagree for the time being. We started with table manners and the children having to help around the house and ended up talking about his moving to a larger house to accommodate the new and larger family. He did keep in mind my desire not to move to New Braunfels and therefore concentrated his search within a 6-mile radius of both of our residences.

I noticed him quickly swipe the screen to the previous photo on his iPhone after having mistakenly gone one too far. He was showing me videos he had made of the girls at cheer camp when the next photo appeared. It was a screen shot of my Facebook status from earlier in the week where I stated:

People who post comments on my blog and pass judgment on me without knowing who I am, what I have endured, and what I am going through now need not read my blog posts. I am not looking for approval or anyone to like me but am simply expressing my own views on my life as it is happening as part of my creative outlet. This is life. This is my life. If you do not like what I write, feel free to go elsewhere but do not think you have the right to make me conform to a certain way of thinking or feeling or the right to tell me how to live my life and raise my family.

As I called him on having taken the photo of my status on Facebook, he quickly brushed it off as an 'accident'. I knew it was no accident but then also knew he was reading my posts for one reason or another. Whatever the case, I now knew he and his fiancée were aware of and perhaps reading my posts.

Perhaps the one great thing I got from all of this time sitting in the back of the coffeehouse on the old leather sofa was that some things are best worth not fighting over. Those seemingly insignificant things in the grand scheme of life. My focus is and should be on my children and my future with my boyfriend and how we can all move forward whilst minimizing arguments to the best of our abilities.

In the meantime, I had to deal with lengthy emails from my landlord regarding his insistence on entering the house in order to install the A/C filter and to check on the watering timer outside. I informed him of my inability to meet since I had this meeting at the coffeehouse but he kept sending me several emails quoting the lease agreement and my having violated it by not allowing him entrance into the house as I had locked both the front and back doors with the indoor deadbolt, as I always do. I told him I have never used the front door since I have a garage and use the door inside the garage instead.

Furthermore, he continued in his aggravating emails by telling me that the yellow lawn is somehow my fault. A lawn in direct sun will be yellow if it is not watered. True. City ordinance states we are not to water more than once a week. In addition, the timer the landlord set was not functioning properly but also nothing of which I was aware due to my having been out of the country most of the summer.

If it's not one thing, it's another. I look forward to the day when I can own my own home and not have to deal with landlords insisting on enforcing item number 19 or 20 or whatever else violation he seems to wish to declare at the moment. I will also count the days until I no longer have to see those emails with the subject '24-Hour Notice of Intent to Enter Premises'. After the last lengthy email I decided against sending a response. Some things are not worth the fight.