Relationships we value above anything else are the ones in which we invest our time. We make promises, we utter vows, we commit our lives and our hearts to someone we believe suits us better than anyone else. When problems arise, we do not simply give up but do whatever we must in order to keep that precious bond from breaking.

A loving relationship without arguments simply does not exist. To walk away is easy but is not an option unless the bond is not a strong one to begin with. At one point or another, we have to choose whether to keep going and keep fighting or to give up and move on with our lives.

In good times and bad, we commit ourselves to one another for the rest of our lives. A piece of paper makes our commitments official but it is possible for two individuals to promise each other a love which lasts a lifetime without the need of such paper. A forever love is a rare find but one must truly want it if such a love is to withstand the trials of life.