Rain is a welcome occurrence here in Austin as it was today. Though it did not last long, it did cast a glimpse into my favourite season of the year. The autumn season will soon be upon us along with the warm colours of red, burnt orange, golden yellow, brown, and plum seen throughout catalogues and stores denoting the cozy feeling after the excitement of summer.

The autumn season is also a good time for finding employment as college students leave their summer jobs to return to school making way for others to fill their vacated positions. In the span of a three days, I was contacted by three different companies with the possibility of employment. As the saying goes, 'when it rains, it pours'. This time in a good sense.

As I wait for the upcoming interviews next week, I hold hope that one of them will give me a much needed opportunity to move forward in my search for long-term employment and a brighter future for me, my boyfriend, and my three young children as we embark on a life together.