seena and elsa

Three seems to be the magic number when it comes to stress levels induced by children. Today was nothing short of a most exasperating day with my three which already started last night when they first arrived at my place after a week away.

This state of exasperation continued today when they caused a scene at the grocery store as they became unruly. I warned them they would lose their movie night privilege and even gave them another chance later when they returned home, but they persisted. As such, they did not get to watch any movie tonight though they tried bargaining and pleading to no end.

The afternoon was no better and my stress levels kept going up especially after the flooded toilet incident. I almost dropped them off at their father's place but decided to call instead and have him speak to the oldest. Somehow when I threatened to film their behaviour and send the video to their father, they retreated to their rooms and became quiet for a while.

Bedtime was no better as all three kept knocking on my door for one reason or another from Sage's recurring bad dream of a ghost and chicken eating me and him to Cinnamon's aching loose tooth which neither she nor I could remove.

In time I hope things will improve with the return to a regular school schedule. The evening would have been better had I been able to speak with my boyfriend on Skype but unfortunately he was unable to call tonight as he most likely fell asleep after a long day at work. Once we are all living under the same roof, the balance of family will be restored and the exasperating episodes will likely diminish. Until then, the challenges continue.