sage 826

Three days into the new school year and the children are doing fine thus far. Since I have had them go to bed around 19:30 the past two nights, they are not too tired in the morning but have yet to get fully adjusted to the new schedule. Perhaps I will get them to bed half an hour earlier at some point when the sun starts to set early in the autumn and winter months.

The children made it home safely and on time today. I am hoping that sending them on their way alone to school and back gives them a bit of the feeling of independence. Cooperation and attentiveness are also part of this equation as they must learn to walk together and pay attention as they cross the street and look for our house.

Next week they will be riding the bus and sleeping in their other beds. How the three are dealing with the constant moving from one place to another amazes me as I can only guess how difficult it must be for them. They will certainly have different experiences at the two homes where circumstances are ever-changing for the time being. In time we will see that all things will work out as long as we have patience by our side.