sunlit grass

'Sooner or later, honey', he told me tonight, 'I will be there'. Though the day's mood continued from yesterday, by the end of the day things were looking brighter. Certainly the long conversations on both Skype and Viber helped tremendously as did his coming home earlier than usual today.

He started by telling me about his not-so-good day at work and the challenges of working in such an environment where people have the tendency to underappreciate you. Being a foreigner does nothing to help the situation either but makes things more difficult. I told him to not worry too much about it at the moment and to enjoy the next two days he has off from work.

We took a break for dinner before returning for another 'short' Skype session. Somehow 'a few minutes' is almost never few for us unless he is running off to work at six in the morning my time which is noon for him. Sooner or later we will not have to take into account the six hour time difference but for now this is our life.

Earlier in the day, I continued to visualise the space downstairs as I contemplated what to move where. With almost seven months left of my lease I have time to organise before having to move again next year. I entertained the thought of contacting a realtor to start the process of our home search as I would like to already have a home for us when he moves to the States.

So many changes have taken place in such a short amount of time that I long for the day when we can simply sit and relax and not have to worry about being alone yet another night. That time will come, sooner or later.