saffi golden birthday

Nine on the ninth. Such is the meaning of 'golden birthday', a term I heard of for the first time yesterday as Saffron mentioned it. She informed me her friend had told her about it and I was glad to have been able to celebrate this special birthday with her and her siblings.

Though the three argued from time to time throughout the day, they were brought together at the end of the day with the birthday cake I made for Saffron. It was the same ricotta cake I had made for her birthday last year when I flew to Berlin for four days to see her whilst she was there with her father, brother, and sister as they accompanied her to Oma's where she ended up staying for the next six months.

As Saffron blew out her candle, she made a wish. After we ate the cake, I had her open her main present which was a Lego Friends horse stable set. Her brother bought her a mini foal set today which had a tiny stable and her birthday wish was for her to get a large stable for the horse. 'My wish came true!' she exclaimed as she opened the Amazon box.

My daughter did not ask for much other than a stuffed horse which I did not find this time. She was quite content with the handmade necklace I brought her from Ireland and the book on unicorns I gave her this morning so the Lego set was a welcomed surprise for her as now she will have something to work on the rest of this week.

Tomorrow we will continue the celebration with her favourite food for dinner and the nice art game I bought for the children at the unique bookshop in Galway last week. As I reflect upon the past nine years, I realise this is the last year my oldest will be in the single digit years. She is a determined, strong-willed, and smart young girl who also has a kind heart and a great memory. I look forward to the next year as I watch her further grow into the headstrong girl she has become. Happy birthday, my Saffron.