on swing

'Is that a sleeping song', asked Sage as we listened to 'All Of This And Nothing', the new song from Dave Gahan & Soulsavers.

'Because it sounds like a sleeping song', he continued. Though he liked the song and wanted to hear it over and over again, he did think parts of the video were 'creepy', particularly the close-up of the eye.

Whenever something new comes along we tend to overanalyse and criticise and wish it could be as something we once knew. As time passes by, that something new starts to grow on us and we realise it is not as bad as we once thought.

Once we give up the notion of perfection and accept things as they are, we start to appreciate all of the little things which make life worthwhile.

It is ultimately our decision to give something new a chance and have everything, or close to everything, we want in the end or are left standing with our indecision and end up with nothing.