clouds in sunset
Living is something everyone can do, but few actually experience.
— Thomas Jefferson

We go through the motions upon awakening each morning as we rub our eyes to adjust to the light of a new day. We brush our teeth, perhaps have breakfast, and go on our way just as the day before making sure we do not stray outside the lines of our habitual lives.

We establish a routine and stick to it as this is what works and has worked in the past. To make a change would disrupt our universe as we know it. So we keep going though at times question if things could be different.

In the face of adversity, we tend to stop for a moment to ponder our next move. Sometimes something new comes along. A new relationship, a new job, a new place to call home. For a while we feel alive until is all becomes routine again and we start the cycle anew. The cycle of existing instead of truly living.

To live in the moment is to experience and appreciate the hours we have before us. The hours which are precious and not to be used for worry or angst. But we worry nonetheless as the end of the day approaches and we realise we have wasted the gift of another day as we continue to merely exist.

Existing is simple and something we do not question. We do it mindlessly which can bring us to a place of unhappiness if we let it go on for too long. Living takes work and dedication to make a change for the better. It is a daily affirmation of our willingness to take life into our own hands for only we hold that power. The power to change our future.