sunset 917

This evening as I drove to the spot where I take my daily sunset photographs, I noticed beautiful intense pink colours in the sky. It seems the sunset colours have not changed much this week as they tended more towards orange most of the days. This was fine as no two sunsets are alike. However, I wanted something other than orange.

The day seemed long due to my having stayed home most of the day. Upon awakening I had hoped to feel better than yesterday but ended up going back to sleep for longer than expected. The same was true with my boyfriend who was still under the weather as he also slept the latter part of his day after having returned from an early morning trip to Dublin.

Due to all the sleeping and my going to both my girls' tumbling hour and Sage's soccer practice, today was one of the few days my boyfriend and I did not meet on Skype though we did get to speak on the phone. It would have been nice to have him accompany me today at the various activities as I was glad to have watched the children have fun today. I was also quite surprised at how Sage handled the soccer ball.

After soccer practice and shortly before sunset, I grabbed my camera and drove the mile to the sunset spot. Unfortunately, by the time I parked my car, the sun had already dipped behind the hills and I was left with dark grey clouds hovering in an orange-coloured sky.

It was merely a matter of 90 seconds from the time I could have captured the pinks. Ninety seconds does not seem like a lot but in this case it made a great difference.