september sunset

Tonight's sunset was lovely and calming. As I waited for the sun to dip below the horizon, I watched the colours get more intense until they finally faded to a lighter orange. Though I had to make the drive from my house in order to be able to capture this beautiful sunset, the time and wait was well worth it.

The wait for the crucial document was over this morning as he let me know it had finally arrived. As he held it up for me to see, there was a great sense of relief for us as we realised the significance. More work lies ahead with the hope that this next part of the process will be completed quicker than the first part.

As we continue to work towards our future goals, we anticipate that the process will not be an easy one. It never is when one moves from one country to another, though I wish it was me moving across the world. In time, my turn will come but for now we continue on this current path and enjoy the process as much as we can.

Today, as well as yesterday, we enjoyed the time we spent together on Skype and the phone during the daytime as he had time off from work. Starting the day with laughter certainly does wonders for uplifting our mood. Not having to rush through dinner and the evening routine or worry about him getting to bed too late was a nice change.

Tomorrow is another day but today we enjoyed a lovely calm as we basked in the realisation that in a short while we will be together once again.