on window

They arrived this morning before eight and were wide awake. I had planned on everyone going back to bed, including myself, since it was so early on a Saturday morning but the children did not wish to return to bed. So, they played instead and I waited until later in the afternoon to take a short nap.

It seems they grow a little more every week that I see them. Saffron brought her iPhone with her and busied herself with that for a while today but I also had her read and work on clothing designs as she has expressed a desire to become both a model and a fashion designer. Her sister wasn't quite sure what she wanted to be but their brother always has the same answer - to be a builder.

What the future holds for the three is yet to be seen. Such is also the case for any of us as nobody knows what is in store for us ten years from now much less tomorrow but we keep going nonetheless and will figure out tomorrow when it arrives. Today, we live and make the best out of the day we have been given.