1st january

Somehow we convince ourselves there is a magic button on the first day of the year where we can reset all of the 'bad' which has happened in the past year and start anew in the new year. We see the first day of the year as an opportunity for a do over, to fix that which we thought was broken.

But today was simply the first Friday of a new month and a new year following the last Thursday of the old year. Nothing significant happened today which could not have happened yesterday. The children did not suddenly become obedient and calm. They still ran around provoking each other. The older child even managed to grab a chunk of her sister's hair along with the bow now no longer attached to her head with the middle child holding out the handful of her long reddish brown hair for me to see as tears streamed down her face. Nothing which could not have happened yesterday. 

Yet millions of people each year set out to believe that the clock striking midnight will somehow change their world for the better. They make resolutions they most likely will somehow fall short of in three weeks or three months. The resolution to eat better, exercise more, save for the future, be a 'better' person, whatever that may be.

We are elated about the clock striking midnight as it is a time when now we can make the effort to change. But what happens when we 'fail' at one of our goals? We feel despair, defeat, and become hard on ourselves for not living up to our own expectations.

The reality is that every day when we awaken we get to begin again. Every morning is a magic button when we are able to start over and make a new start. We need not wait for the clock to strike midnight on the last day of the year.