bw contrails

The bright blue sky was deceptive today as the temperature read 5 Celsius early this afternoon. I ventured nowhere, choosing to stay indoors on this quiet Sunday. I have yet to get used to being alone on the weeks the children are not with me and to learn to use my time better.

Though I did spend some time reading, my focus drifted at times to things which require my attention in the upcoming months . The two-month notice I have to give to my landlord in two weeks and whether or not I should stay here. The lost job opportunities of the past year and my continual search for employment this year. The time this summer with my children and making sure I am able to give them what they need for a brighter future.

At some point in time we come to realise things are as they are and our trying to change them is futile. We come to see that some things happen simply because they happen. There is no reason, only lessons to learn going forward. Some things are out of our control. When we let go and accept this, we are free to live life to the fullest.