sages leaves

Dear children,

As you grow older, you will make discoveries along the way. Some will make your heart smile. Others will cause your heart to ache.

As time passes, people in your life will come and go. Some will stay and make things work no matter what. Others will leave, deciding the struggles of daily life are simply too much to work out with you.

Do not take things personally. Do not compromise your beliefs. And whatever you do, do not sacrifice everything of yourself for someone who is not willing to love you completely - without reservations, without conditions, without doubts. You are enough. You need not be with someone in order to be someone.

There are some things you will learn about love along the way. In the beginning, things might seem great. Everything is beautiful and it seems there is nothing which can come in the way of this wonderful feeling. Until the day it does and your love is tested.

One thing I have learned is that true love withstands even the hardest of times. True love does not shut you out. It does not waiver. True love accepts you as you are. It might hurt at times but you can get through it - but only together.

I can give you advice. I can let you know what I have learned but in the end you will have to figure things out by yourself. The choices you make will follow you into your future. Choose wisely. Do not waste someone else's time by making them wait for you to make up your mind.

Someone once told me 'Once you make a decision, stick to it'. It might not be easy at first and you might doubt your choices but in the end everything will work out one way or another. Everything is a learning experience. Be prepared to learn. Be open to suggestions. But always take responsibility for the decisions you make.

You will discover that life is not fair at times. But nothing worth its while is easy. Patience and understanding will take you a long way. You will make mistakes along the way but know that the day will come when you will learn from those mistakes and know why you had to make them.

Take care, my children, and know that I love you with all my heart.

Love, mama

P.S. Thank you, dear Sage, for the two winter leaves you gave me today as I dropped off your coat. And thank you, dear Cinnamon, for the hug and kisses as I handed you your coat outside of class.