for rent

In sixty days my sentence will be over. I will finally be released from the lease on this house. A house I should never have moved into. A house which made all of us unhappy to be here even though I spent a great portion of the past year away from the house as I traveled to Ireland and Scotland.

This afternoon as I peered through the blinds of my room above the garage, I watched as the landlord went about the front yard snapping pictures of the leaves in the yard. He must have taken at least ten pictures before moving to the backyard and then returning to the front yard to put up the 'FOR RENT' sign. A drama-filled email citing some sort of violation is sure to come in the next day or so.

The feeling of imprisonment was lifted from my mind as I read the email from my new landlord. Perfect timing, I thought. He accepted me as a tenant. Yesterday's visit to the 'new' house brought excitement as I walked into a renovation in progress. But more than that was the light which poured in through the windows.

The house is not large but is large enough. It is a mere three years younger than the house I am in now but the fact that the owner took care to do extensive renovations made the house look new. The backyard was most impressive and massive. I was even given the green light to plant a garden as there is no grass and no plans on putting in any sod which also means no need for lawn mowing or watering.

Though my plan had been to buy a house of my own this year, I realise this will not happen anytime soon. Moving into another home, even if it is a bit further from school, is close enough until the time comes when we can make the next move into something more permanent. Freedom from this cold, dark place is nigh and it is all that matters in this moment.