through ikea chair

The threats continued though I was not sure why it was necessary. This was bordering on harassment and the landlord's drama was doing my head in.

'You will be subject to all damages mentioned in my previous email, since you are preventing me from showing the inside of the home to a prospective tenant with a proper 24-hour notice. Which is not only a lease violation, but is also causing financial harm.'

Blah, blah, blah. Nobody was preventing anything. I simply asked him why he bothered asking which time worked for me if he insisted on coming regardless of my answer.

'If you prevent me from showing the inside and outside of the home (on Saturday, January 30, between 10am-12pm) rest assured that I will pursue this matter in a court of law, obtain a judgement against you, and go through all legal methods of collection.'

None of these threats were necessary. All it did was reaffirm my thoughts that this guy has issues which he seems to be taking out on me. But thankfully I am not the only one who has noticed his rash behaviour as both the guy from the lawn company and a neighbour explained their difficult dealings with him. Soon somebody else will have the misfortune of dealing with him. I do feel sorry for them in advance.