puppet show

A funny thing happens when you limit children's use of iDevices. They use their imagination. They play. They become active though sometimes a bit too active for the patience of a mother at the end of two weeks of winter break. Regardless, I was happy to see my three children play together so nicely today.

'Mama, can we put the little mattress in Saffi and Seena's room' asked my son. He was hesitant and guessed I would say 'no'. His face lit up when I said 'yes'. I heard them drag the crib mattress from Sage's closet into the girls' room where they placed it in between the two beds. It was a perfect fit.

It was quiet for a while but I left them to their own devices. It was the last day of their winter break and I wanted them to play and enjoy the first Sunday of the new year. After some time, they called me into the room to show me what they did. They wanted to build a fort but found it difficult to tie up Sage's duvet to the bedposts. I told them to wait.

I ran downstairs and got a flat sheet that was draped over the barstool. Flat sheets are not used on our beds as we have duvets with covers, so the flat sheets which come in a sheet set end up being tossed off to the side for some use in the future. Building a fort is a great use for them and the children were excited when they saw the sheet.

Using hair bands, Saffron secured the sheet to the bedposts. Their plan was for all of them to sleep in the same room tonight. It was something I have not seen since they used the upstairs living room as a bedroom at the townhouse last year.

The girls performed a song for me and all three children put on a 'puppet' show with their stuffed animals. Saffron was in charge, as always. She was the unicorn who granted wishes to the other animals. Elli the elephant wished for a mama elephant. His wish was granted with Babar, the mama elephant. More wishes were granted and afterwards all animals took a bow. I smiled and left as they continued to play.

In the meantime, I set up the work area in the kitchen for Sage's turn at baking. He chose pumpkin cake as his cake. I also set up the bar stools which are not used since we have no bar at this place but which came in handy today as the girls took their places to watch their brother.

He measured out the ingredients with a little help from me. When it came to the canned pumpkin, they all cringed at the smell. 'That's icky' they exclaimed. I told them it might be icky now but when you mix it all together the taste is transformed. They agreed as they all fought for the bowl at the end.

Before dinner I played hairdresser. Sage wanted his hair shorter than ever before. I obliged as I used number 2 and 3 guides on the clippers. The girls also wanted a haircut. They both handed me a dollar as a tip. Sage was unable to find his paper wallet and I told them this was not necessary. Cinnamon said it was just this first time. I smiled at their playfulness.

Saffron was next. Though she showed me exactly how much she wanted me to cut, I cut it slightly longer. She complained that I cut it too much. I told her it was as she requested. She denied it. I told her next time I will record her on video as proof that she asked me to cut it even shorter. Cinnamon wanted her hair cut seven centimeters. I cut off five centimeters in case she had a change of mind later. She loved it.

As we ate dinner I asked the children what was their favourite part of the winter break. Though I wished I could have given them more in the way of taking them somewhere on a trip, I was pleased with their answer. Baking with mama, they all answered.