sunset 010816

'Why does there have to be pollen at Christmas time. It's not fair' I heard Sage say as he watched me sneeze and wipe my eyes and nose the entire afternoon. No, it is not fair and I have been good at avoiding the cedar pollen for the past two weeks as we stayed indoors. In a sort of hibernation.

However, today I found myself needing to venture outdoors for longer than the 15 minutes on Monday when I went to the park to pick up my children from running club. The result on both nights was more than uncomfortable as I find it difficult to breathe or eat or sleep or even read. Allergy pills have never done me any good so I simply wait until the morning when things might be better.

Nature can be beautiful but it can also wreak havoc on you during certain times of the year. And to think I considered saving money by spending an afternoon raking the leaves in the yard. 'I hope you feel better' my three children wished me as I dropped them off at their father's place this evening. Perhaps I will return to hibernation until next month.