cinnamon gymnast

The day was long and a little less productive than yesterday but after breakfast I enlisted the help of my children. I remembered how the move from the house with the backyard took me hours as I emptied their drawers and packed up their rooms with most of those items still sitting in the garage. It is always those little things that get you in the end.

I was not going to have a repeat of that move so I had all three children help to empty and organise the contents of several drawers in their dresser and nightstand. They then placed the items in quart and gallon plastic Ziploc bags, placed those plastic bags in shopping bags, and I carried them over to the new apartment.

Ten trips to the new apartment today. In addition to the children's items I packed up most of the pantry, baking pans, and most of the dishes that we will not be using in the next week. The last trip, my tenth one, was the girls' nightstand. It was heavy. I was tired.

The children are doing their best challenging boredom as they keep themselves busy during this week off from school. I am doing my best to make it through the rest of the week and into the weekend as I attempt to finish my move whilst they are here. It is far from easy but necessary.

'Mama, take a picture!' I heard Cinnamon say as I stood on the balcony and turned to go back into the house. It was the end of the day and I was making my daily photograph of the tree but there were no beautiful colours tonight as the sun set.

Though I did photograph the tree, I also photographed my son in the parking lot as he pulled a branch from a tree. Then I saw my daughter stretching her leg over her head like the flexible gymnast she has become.

In addition to playing with the soccer ball with the neighbour children outdoors, my three children played together with each other indoors. They played out a scene with the girls dressed as cats with socks on their hands and feet whilst my son dressed as a robber all in black with a black MAC bag over his head with holes cut out for the eyes. They had me record it. All in the name of them overcoming their boredom.