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No trips to the new apartment. Not even one today. Sometimes we need to take a day off in order to recover both physically and mentally. Other times the idle time is dictated by outside forces and we simply have to take things in stride and adjust accordingly. But things would be more bearable if my husband was here as we could deal with these difficulties better together.

It is not right that we have to be apart like this. So soon after our marriage. That we have to wait for a government of a country to tell us when we can be together. That we have to continue to live apart though we are together. Somewhere there is a silver lining to all of this. At the moment I cannot see one.

So we continue to wait. And then wait some more. Until the day when we can live together under one roof. When we can awaken by each other's side instead of next to the phone awaiting the ding of the Viber message. Until we no longer have to calculate six hours' time difference. Until such time we have no choice but to wait and to continue to love each other through these trying times.