november sunrise 112716

Despite the mess of moving, I was determined to continue our tradition of a special Sunday breakfast. Today was the first Advent of Christmas and I would have liked to celebrate with the baking of cookies but making at least breakfast special was the closest I could get this year.

It had been a while since we had crepes so I set out to make them with lemon ricotta filling. After putting the crepe batter in the refrigerator, I grated lemon zest over a bowl of ricotta to which I added some raw sugar. Then I mixed all three ingredients together and placed the cheese mixture into the refrigerator.

The crepes took a while to make but the effort was worth the smile on the children's faces. They were full after almost three crepes though Sagey was able to finish just one but returned to the table later in the day to eat them.

After breakfast I decided to start gathering a few more items to take over to the new apartment. This time I enlisted the help of the children. They were quite helpful as they cleaned everything from under their beds and then sorted and organised their items into boxes. Afterwards, I made nine trips to the apartment. I made another eight later in the evening after their father picked them up.

As much as I would have liked this not to have been a working Sunday, I know that in the end it was a good lesson to have the children take responsibility for their own belongings. I want them to get used to cleaning up after themselves because at our home there are no maids running around cleaning up after us. We all have to do our part during the week so we can enjoy our Sundays.