sunset 112816

I went about my day knowing that in three days I will no longer be living at this place. Knowing the hours pass at a rapid pace and that I need to get every little thing out of drawers and off the shelves. Knowing that I am exhausted from having to move for the third time this year and that I simply wish for a place to unpack and live for a longer while.

Another wish I have is to find an employer willing to give me a chance at employment. It is more important now than ever before as this would allow me to sponsor my husband to move to the States so we can start living together.

So when the call came this early afternoon, I became hopeful. A potential job opportunity with the promise of a call at the end of the day. I went about my day waiting for the call. It never came. A hopeful Monday turned out to be not so promising. But there is always tomorrow.