sunset 112916

When I was moving the last of my belongings from my study in the house where my children used to live, the children called the room 'the echo room'.  When I first started moving into our new apartment, an echo resonated throughout as none of our belongings had yet been moved. However, that echo is now gone. It has shifted to the old apartment as I remove one item after another.

I have come to the realisation that I will most likely not be finished with the move by end of day tomorrow. All of the little things are what cause the most trouble as they are never ending. Just when I think I am close to being done, I open another cabinet and see more things I have not yet moved. Thankfully I do not have to empty the garage as I will keep the one I now have.

Throughout the day I continued to move, going back and forth from one place to the other a total of 28 times. Yesterday was a mere 7 times but today I moved most of the contents of the refrigerator and freezer. Organisation is on the horizon this next month.

Whilst moving, I kept checking my phone for the call about the job I was so hopeful about yesterday. But no call came even after my lengthy email plea about how I really needed the job for both my children and to bring my husband to the States. I reasoned I did everything I could in order to get the job but to no avail.

So I will continue to finish my move and focus on our new place. On setting it up and no longer hearing the echo of emptiness but filling our home with life and love as we set out to build our future together.