foggy sunday

The fog rolled in this morning. Everything was white. So white I thought for a moment it had snowed. But it had not as the temperature was still the same as yesterday. Snow would be nice. Especially for the children.

I was alone on this foggy December Sunday doing nothing but cleaning the drawers of my girls' dresser. At one point I noticed a crack on one of the front legs but there is nothing I can do about that. All of these moves are bound to damage furniture one way or another. It is the price to pay for moving so much.

On such a day I would have liked to be baking cookies and reading. But there is too much to do in order to set up this place. I need to make more progress in the coming week as Christmas is exactly two weeks away and I plan on getting a tree by week's end. And I hope to be baking cookies and reading by this time next week. Simply relaxing and enjoying the moment. And hoping for a snowy December Sunday next week.