autumn leaves 12022016

There was a knock on my door this morning as I was getting ready to go out for food and other provisions. I needed to leave before the rain started. The rain that is scheduled to last all weekend long. As I had just gotten off the phone with the cable company about the modem shutting off every half hour or so, I was not expecting anyone to show up so soon.

It was a lady this time. She did not know I had called nor of my setting up an appointment. She simply wanted to check up on yesterday's installation. She had a meter on her belt and she had knowledge that the guy from yesterday did not. She informed me that apartments boost their signal really high in order to account for all of the tenants being able to connect. That said, the modem overloaded due to such a high boost and subsequently shut down.

The lady went outside to check the lines and spent an hour and a half indoors troubleshooting connection issues I had. My Apple wireless device was not working so she set me up to connect via their new device instead and explained how I had two connections. One faster than the other and nothing that the guy yesterday explained. All works well now but this time there was no handshake and definitely no hug as she left. Which was fine with me as I found yesterday's exchange a bit odd.

On my way home from Central Market it started to rain. I was stuck in lunch traffic on MoPac but did not mind as my move was complete and now I was free to think about Christmas and setting up our new place. Once home I looked around the apartment and wondered where to start.

The kitchen was the best place to start as it is the room where I spend most of my time. After a simple dinner of refried beans with sour cream, salsa, and avocado with tiny tortillas, I worked on the pantry. Organising in depth would have to wait. I needed to get everything out of the paper grocery bags and into the pantry in a general order.

The baking shelf spilled over to the cabinets in the kitchen and the cooking spices filled an entire drawer. All will require further organisation. At another time. For now, I was happy not to trip over any bags. I could see the floor and had space on the counter for this weekend's baking with my son.

The smell of mulling spices having cooked on the stove still lingered in the air. I smiled as I turned off the lights in the kitchen. Now I can return to my experiments in the kitchen. Cooking and baking. Writing and photographing. With the expected cold and rain of the weekend it is a perfect time to turn on the oven and start the holiday baking.