Rain greeted me this morning as I left the gym. And again tonight as I stood in the kitchen making my first cookies of the season. It was my belated attempt at the holiday season but nonetheless I gave it a try.

I realised it has been a long while that I have made any kind of cookies and especially Christmas ones. Instead of looking for my notebook of recipes I had kept years ago, I turned to the Internet and found a good recipe for Austrian Vanilla Crescents. Otherwise known as Vanillekipferl.

Earlier in the week I had a list of cookies I wanted to bake. So yesterday after work I switched to customer mode and bought fresh new spices for my baking endeavours. Vanilla sugar was the only thing I used out of my bag of spices and the vanilla cookies were the only cookies I managed to bake tonight.

With one more day until Christmas day I reasoned I still have time to bake more cookies. And I will have more time off from work when the children arrive next week.

This year we will celebrate our holidays after the season is over and into the new year. My belated attempt at baking was a start. Sometimes later is better than never. So is the case this year.