bwtree 12062016

The realisation came to me this morning that Christmas will be here sooner than I had anticipated. For some reason I thought I had one more week with all three children before they go to their father's house for Christmas break.

But there is no extra week which means no baking before the holiday and no other traditions which we had last year at the house with the yard. I do look forward to seeing the children on the 28th when they are scheduled to come spend the rest of their winter break with me.

By then, I hope to have both the apartment and the tree set up in addition to the kitchen so we can bake a few cookies. Christmas will simply have to be late this year as we extend our celebrations into the new year.

The sun made an appearance this morning as I readied myself for my appointment in town centre with our immigration attourney. The process of getting my husband to come to the States will be a long one. My hope is that this time next year we can spend Christmas together instead of our being apart as we are this year.

The coming weeks will be filled with much work and anticipation as I simply wait for all things to fall into place. Somehow it will all work out with a makeshift Christmas and a hopeful beginning in the new year.