one month

At the gym this morning I realised the significance of this date. At that point I texted my husband to wish him a happy one-month anniversary. One month. I pondered on that thought for a moment and wished we were together to celebrate this step in our future together. Next year will come soon enough.

It was nice to return to the gym after an almost month-long absence. I missed the class and found out after today's class that I will have to switch to the earlier class. For a good reason as I start work on Monday.

The call came after gym class as I was sitting at the parking lot of HEB ready to go buy a few needed items. A few weeks ago I mentioned to this lady I had known for a few years that I needed a job in order to sponsor my husband's stay in the States. She asked if I would be interested in working for her and I said I would.

After my call I continued with my morning. Once home I emptied the car from my first trip from the storage unit and returned for the rest of the items throughout the day. Though I planned the trips to take no longer than three hours, the entire process took until the time I had to drive my son to his father's house at 18:00.

My girls ran to my car when they saw me approaching with their brother. They were happy to see me after their trip to Florida for their cheer competition. I was happy to see them too but knew it would be a long while until I see them at our place. Next Christmas will be different.

The next two weeks before Christmas will be productive as I set up our new place. The furniture will make its way to where it needs to be and the boxes will be emptied and put away as our new life begins.

Next year will be a better year than this one but today I had a few good reasons to celebrate and look forward to more reasons in the new year.