kids and turtle

I agreed to let Cinnamon go to her ice skating lesson during my weekend. Eight half-hour lessons as a Christmas gift from her father. I agreed to the time of the class plus driving time but I did not agree to the personal agenda afterwards which resulted in both girls arriving home close to three hours later than they should have.

Saffron wished to go with her sister. Sage did too but changed his mind at the last minute. Knowing their father was perpetually late, I waited half an hour after they should have been at my place to text him regarding their whereabouts.

Did I have something planned, he asks me as if my weekend with them is insignificant. As if he can simply do whatever he pleases since I did not have an outing planned. The 'whatever' in this case was his shopping for groceries and then taking the girls out for ice cream. I found this unacceptable and inconsiderate but there was no reply to my text. No letting me know he was on his way with the girls.

Sage and I waited and waited. 'Are they coming yet' he asked every ten minutes as we kept looking out the window. We decided to have ice cream as a snack. More time passed and then we had lunch. Still no girls. Still no communication. Still inconsiderate.

When they did arrive, there was no apology. No explanation. Simply a disregard for the mother of his three children and my weekend with the three.