sunset 020516

The nagging feeling of having made the wrong decision simply would not let me sleep. My mind raced back and forth as I wondered if I could switch my choice of houses without causing a stir with my new landlord.

Should I have chosen the smaller single story house with the large yard? Or should I stick with my last minute switch to the larger two story house with huge bedrooms and closets but a smaller yard. Was it too late to change my mind? Do I dare ask?

I tossed and turned but sleep did not come until I sent the email less than an hour before I had to get up to ready the children for school this morning. The worse that could happen is he would say 'no'. But at least I would not have to wonder 'what if' had I not asked.

He was kind to agree to the switch. I learned I should trust my gut instinct more often and not sway from my initial decisions. I found everything I was looking for in the smaller house and more as it is being completed remodeled. Larger is not necessarily better, I reasoned, except in the case of the yard. A yard where I can now plan a garden, have a place to eat our meals, and watch the children run around with plenty of room to spare.

My mind could now rest for a while and hopefully my body could find reprieve from another restless night.