spring clouds

'But you were fine this morning' he said as he heard my raspy, weary voice this afternoon. True, I was, but I had to accept the harsh realisation that this year I was plagued with a new allergy I do not recall having had last spring. And this just as I was getting used to the end of cedar pollen season where I was holed up in the house almost the entire winter.

Wind and pollen wreaked havoc on my move today. I was awake before the sun and wanted to get something moved over to the townhouse before the carpet cleaner arrived at 8,30. Bags of clothing made it into the minivan for the first load. I managed to move two more loads whilst the carpets were being cleaned.

Throughout the day I worked on the family room and garage. After a while it was simply 'grab and go'. Whatever was in my way got thrown into the minivan and ended up either in the garage or the small living room. Organising will have to wait. But this time I need to make sure everything has a place in order to make the next move less painful.

By evening I moved over my son's puzzle shelf and the twin mattress from the daybed couch. Tomorrow the movers arrive to move the heavy furniture though I am not ready for them. Last year I was better prepared. This year everything is chaotic.

 In two days this part of the move will be over and then I can move forward with the next chapter. I am sure we both hope it involves us being able to see each other soon.