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'Low expectations' he stated. He was talking about the key to a happy marriage. I contemplated the words and thought he might be on to something. 

We sat at the sidelines and watched our sons at soccer practice. He explained how lucky he was to have the kind of wife who understands. Though all couples are at odds at one point or another, love and understanding must be present in order for any relationship to survive. And apparently lowered expectations.

I could see his point. If you expect more and get less you are bound to be disappointed along the way. However, if your expectations are low then your chances at disappointment start to lower as well. But can expectations be too low, I wondered.

sage with ball

It is not too much to ask for someone to stop making excuses and to think of solutions instead. There can be a million reasons for how something cannot happen or a million solutions as to how to make it work. But you cannot have both.

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You also cannot make anyone want what you want. Sometimes it happens you find out you have different expectations or the rate at which you think something should happen is much slower than expected. Such is life. You deal with it. You learn from it. You move forward.