sunset 030416

I returned this evening to a quiet house. Nobody was waiting for me. Not one person would have noticed if I had arrived home late to prepare dinner as there was no dinner tonight. I had a slice of homemade banana bread with the children after school. It was enough.

After I dropped off the children at their father's house and waited around my favourite spot for the sun to set, I made my way back to the house. Though I have gotten used to the quiet of every other week when the children are away, one never quite gets used to the idea of being alone again. 

In time, when things settle down further, a new routine will emerge. With the upcoming move I will focus on transferring our belongings to the new rental house and will look forward to setting up another, better home for me and my children. For now, I will cherish and embrace this time I have alone. Once we choose to find good in every situation, we begin to realise nothing is as bad as we believe it is.