leaves amongst blossoms

The new landlord wrote this morning to let me know the house is almost finished and ready for me to move in this week as promised. The prospect of moving to a new place brings much needed joy to our lives at such a time. It is something positive to look forward to as my children and I start a new chapter in life.

The season of spring signifies new beginnings as leaves emerge from blossoms on trees and the grass starts its awakening from winter. Spring brings hope from the dismal months of the hibernation of winter. Yet, for some reason, it comes second on my list of favourite seasons of the year.

The renewal of spring is nigh as is my move to a new place. I look forward to the light pouring in through the windows as I go about setting up our home. The next few weeks will keep me focused on positive thoughts as I busy myself with the new home and awaken from a dismal winter to a more hopeful spring.