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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
— Albert Einstein

Time and time again we do something repeatedly, without change, but then wonder why we still feel the same. Why we are still in that place when we wish to be elsewhere. Why we find we are making no progress whatsoever. But if we stop to think for a moment, we realise the answer lies in change.

Fear causes us to stay in one place. The fear of failure, of leaving that safe haven we have known for most of our lives. The incessant wondering if we have made the right decision only to discover that making no decision at all is anything but the correct choice.

When we make the decision to step outside the box, to start to believe we can make a difference if not to anyone else but ourselves, we feel the lightening of the burden which fear has placed upon us. Those shackles of dispair are unlocked and we are set free. Free to live life instead of merely exist in life.

When all else fails, change is the answer. Expecting an alternate result after repeating the same thing time after time brings us nothing but insanity, as Einstein expressed.  

Oftentimes we make life more complicated than it should be. We think, we ruminate, we ponder to our demise. Instead, we need to change our point of view. Change our environment by taking a trip to a neighbouring city or a country far away. The slightest of change is better than none at all.

Exchanging stories with strangers can prove to be cathartic. Travel provides such an experience. You know you might never see that person from the train or the plane again but you leave with a sense of having gained something which adds to your life experiences. 

Communication with others helps us understand what it is we desire in life. Meaningful communication and not merely small talk. Sharing experiences. Sharing thoughts. Simply sharing through verbal or written avenues provides insight into life. Life needs change in order to move forward. Without change, insanity remains.