clouds 042516

I do not remember being as unruly and bored as a child. I remember finding my own entertainment which usually involved reading a magazine or book, writing, drawing, or walking outside in search of interesting rocks. Yet my children expect to be entertained almost every minute of the day or else they are 'bored'.

My oldest complained about spending too much time indoors at the other house. Just yesterday she complained about having to spend her time outdoors here at the townhouse. I find I simply cannot win as nothing is good enough. I told her to be happy it is sunny and that she is able to spend time outdoors.

Today they had no school. With the end of school a month away, I had better try harder to find a job this summer so we can move into a place of our own sometime soon, though not as soon as I would like. Living in temporary housing is fine for a while but does not provide the stability children need as we are now moving once a year.

What today has shown me is that Europe, for them, is out of the question this summer. Perhaps with one child I can manage and focus better. With three against one, I feel outnumbered. But I know this will be the case going forward so I have to find a way to deal with it.

Perhaps when they are older they will behave better. Or maybe they will be the same. Time will tell. Maybe they will stop giving me a hard time but I doubt that will be anytime soon.