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'That's a funny joke, Mama' laughed Saffron with sarcasm as I deluded the children into believing the neighbour sent me an email threatening to call the cops if they did not calm down and be quiet. If it wasn't dark I would have seen the smirk on her face. Clearly she did not care one bit about their carrying on as they have been for the past half hour. Tonight being worse than last night.

At this point, my neighbours might mention something to the landlord which might get me kicked out. For them it does not matter as they have a place to live at their father's. Saffron continued to joke that I can simply live 'at Mario's place'. Her indifference and the contempt in her voice becoming ever so aggravating.

The day started out with frozen milk from a broken refrigerator and ended with boiling blood. Mine. As I try to find something positive today I can recall the quiet moments listening to my son read his lion book and know that the refrigerator will be fixed so there will be no more frozen milk for breakfast.