sunset 040616

Sometimes your future can change in an instant. What you once knew to be the course of your path suddenly turns for one reason or another. You try to fight it. To fight for it. Until you decide what is the point. It is as it is. You did all you could. Now you need to move forward. Alone.

The washer overflowed today. The first time I used it here at this new place. The floors flooded. Something so simple as the movers not having left the overflow hose lying on the floor could have prevented the damage to my table and the kids' baby mattress.

Then the children's father let me know they will be moving. Oh, but I can move into a townhouse nearby. One much smaller than this one. With two bedrooms. Not. Going. To. Happen. Though I might not have a husband and a blended and extended family, it does not mean I lose. I still have me.

The week entailed dealing with the aftermath of an end. Lessons to be learned and applied to the future. Mistakes are not mistakes if we learn from them.

Life moves forward. Not as planned but life is not meant to stand still. Change is what makes life a challenge. Fear of change is what holds us back. Forever asking 'what if'.