sunset 040816

'You'll be coming back often today' commented a lady near the front office as I affixed my sticker ID to my denim skirt. And I did. But it was important to the children that I attend.

Today was the Learning Celebrations programs which signified the end of the third nine weeks of school. The children sang a song about the Seven Habits they had been learning about this past year and awards were distributed to those who attained certain goals. 

Sage received one for Synergize. Both Cinnamon and Saffron were awarded the one for understanding - Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. I was proud of my three children and how they progressed at school this year. Seeing their smiling faces as they waved to me during each of their programs made the time I was there all the worthwhile. 

I had over half an hour in between Sage’s and Cinnamon’s programs and decided to walk across the street to the park. I walked three laps around the park and spoke with my boyfriend just as I finished the third round.

'Remember...together we are stronger' I texted him after our talk. Until this moment I did not realise this was the basis of Synergize, the sixth habit. The one for which Sage received an award. One which explains how we can gain insight into new solutions by working together as we each have differing opinions and solutions which we might not otherwise see on our own. How fitting, I thought. How true.