bluebonnet saturday

We returned to our usual Saturday morning routine. Breakfast tacos at Whole Foods downtown followed by buying freshly baked bread at the store bakery for school the next week. Routine. It is what children need. A sense of stability and familiarity.

Lightning and rain followed us home later in the morning. I wondered whether Sage would play soccer at noon. We arrived in time but noticed few people on the field. I asked his coach whether the game was still on. It was delayed half an hour. We waited in the car. As the lightning and rain continued, it was apparent the game was cancelled.

Once back home, the three took to their iDevices for a while. The younger two then grabbed the large box of sidewalk chalk and created beautiful drawings. A large star with each point and the middle filled in with different patterns. Stripes, suns, hearts, circles, cat faces, and smiley faces.

'I'm bored' I heard Cinnamon exclaim. I explained to her that I simply cannot entertain them every second of the day and that they have to come up with their own solutions to keep themselves busy. I am sure I will be hearing these words often during the long summer weeks.

At the end of the day we walked across the main street to the small park. The one I can now see from my bedroom window. Though I have lived in this community since before the children were born and we passed by this park many times, I have never once ventured through its entrance.

The path took us in between houses and to the next roundabout where we descended the stairs. The children were not sure where we were at that point, but later regained their orientation as we returned to the townhouse entry.

Saturday is movie night at our house. Another routine to which the children look forward. They let me know their movie of choice was 'Food Boy' which they watched on Sage's iPad. They thought it was funny. I retreated upstairs to watch some German movie on my laptop. Though it will take a while to get settled into this new place, we enjoyed our second family Saturday here.