Sage says I should call this photograph 'lava stones'.

Sage says I should call this photograph 'lava stones'.

As the end of each day approaches, I keep an eye on the clock so I can run upstairs and make my photograph of the setting sun.

One thing for which I am grateful at this townhouse is having windows facing both east and west. My bedroom faces the rising sun whilst the children's bedrooms face the setting sun.

At a minute past official sunset time, the clouds danced through the sun's rays and arranged themselves in a most wonderous display. I was happy with the result as it was different from the past two nights of pure orange sky with no clouds to be seen anywhere. In fact, yesterday's sunset looked identical to the one from the two nights ago.

after one minute

I then put away my camera and prepared to end the day. At ten minutes past sunset time I glanced outside and was in awe of the bright reddish pink orange sky. I grabbed my camera once again to record the astonishing colours. But it was only when I looked to the left of the chimneys that I noticed the painted scattered clouds.

ten minutes after

Nature astounds us on a daily basis but many times we are too preoccupied to notice its beauty. Such is with life and those around us. We can become so engrossed in our daily routines and jobs that we miss out on the simple beauty and joy of interaction with one another. A smile. A hug. A meaningful exchange of words. It is remarkable how those simple things tend to bring about the most happiness.