sunset 050616

Lafcadio was crying. He bemoaned his success to Uncle Shelby stating he was tired of the fame, the money, the fancy clothes, going to parties, signing autographs, and drinking buttermilk. He was even tired of the 23 million marshmallows he ate thus far. 'Everything isn't everything' he cried. He simply wanted to try something new.

I listened this evening as my son read chapter 10 of Shel Silverstein's first book Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back. Sage read with great enthusiasm, placing special emphasis on the sentences with exclamation points. Though he wanted to read the last chapter tonight, I convinced him to save it for tomorrow so we could find out what happens to Lafcadio on his new adventure.

Oftentimes in life we get bored with our routines. The same thing happens day after day. We long for something new, something different to break up the monotony. For some it could be as simple as taking an alternate route to work or eating something different for breakfast. Others, however, might need a greater change such as a respite in a faraway land in order to rediscover our purpose and gain new perspective. Upon our return, we learn how to better appreciate that which we already have.

Whatever the case, we all require change in order to grow. In order to move forward. Without change we tend to become indifferent and numb to everything around us as nothing seems to excite us anymore. Our souls are left empty. Our minds unchallenged.

Looking forward to something, anything is what keeps us going. It gives us hope when all seems hopeless. Focus and perseverance keeps us awake as we yearn to see what the next chapter of life holds in store for us. When we discover the reason for our existence.