three sleeping

They were asleep two hours before sunset tonight. All three of my children were afflicted with severe bouts of coughing throughout the night and all three felt quite warm to the touch. I told them sleep would do them well and would get them feeling better though they seemed not too convinced with this declaration as they saw no connection between the two events.

I noticed last week they were not their usual selves when I visited them at school Tuesday morning. Getting sick a month before school is out for the summer was quite unexpected but it happens.

For dinner we had 'dot soup'. Acini de pepe pasta with vegetable broth made from scratch. All three children ate the ladleful of soup in their bowls with the oldest asking for a second portion which was quite unusual for her.

They then retreated upstairs where Sage finished his book. The story left us wondering what really happened to the lion who no longer felt a connection to anything. An end without an end. On a journey to find his way somewhere somehow.

As the lion in the story, we sometimes find ourselves wandering aimlessly in search of some connection. To someone. To something. It might take longer than we would like, but at some point we find our way. We find that connection.

may sunbeams