From Cinnamon

From Cinnamon

Throughout the day, the children's mood and wellness changed. Since they went to bed earlier than usual last night, they were awake at 6,30 this morning asking for breakfast. I was able to get in another hour of lying in bed before going downstairs to put the yogurt and granola on the table. Then I returned upstairs intending to sleep more to no avail.

The children sat outside on the patio chairs whilst I prepared my coffee and a simple breakfast of English muffin with cream cheese and avocado. I thought it was quite sweet when Sage said he wished he could make me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. Instead, I took the coffee and bread upstairs and watched my usual Sunday morning German movie.

'I didn't know you could take coffee upstairs' came the surprised look from the children when they saw me descend the stairs with my coffee cup. I told them it was a special treat today and they understood.

They were eager to have me open their presents they made. Cards and drawings and sweet words from my three children. Afterwards, the younger two gathered random flower petals and placed them in a plastic baggie. It turned out to be a sweet smelling potpourri which they told me to place on my table when I wanted a nice smell.

As they sat outside, I decided to make something for them. Crepes with ricotta, lemon zest, and sugar. They were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the treat. I told them it was 'Children's Day' as without them I would not be a mother.


Afterwards they spent a little more time outside before coming upstairs to take a nap. They were restless but all still had that concerning cough and a slight fever. At 16,00 they went to their father's house to celebrate Mother's Day. Their father later called me to voice his concern over their health as all three children were reluctant to eat anything. Even candy. All they wanted to do was to return here and sleep.

mothers day sunset 2016

And so all three children fell asleep about ten minutes after they showered. If they feel better in the morning, they will go to school. Otherwise, it will be another day in bed after a visit to the doctor. Sometimes you need to believe that, in time, everything will work out for the best.