sunset 050916

Their coughing did not let up overnight and they still felt a bit feverish this morning. I then decided there was no way they could go to school today until we had some kind of answer from the doctor as to what this was.

Being informed gives one peace of mind. Even if there is nothing to be done about the diagnosis. As the children were at the pediatrician's office with their father and stepmother, I was home waiting for the refrigerator repairman. He arrived five minutes after they left though I had hoped he would have come later as I needed to sleep.

Lack of sleep is cause for many a malady including the inability to think clearly about important issues. In any case, my children were not lacking in sleep these past several days as I wanted them to get better. They took a nap this afternoon and went to sleep two hours before sunset again.

After their return from the doctor's office, we ate English muffins with butter and honey. Saffron was the only one besides me who opted for the Irish butter as Cinnamon complained that it was too yellow. She preferred the 'whiter' one.

Afterwards, we went upstairs where the three practiced the sign language alphabet I taught them before they left this morning whilst I set up the laptop for us to watch the German cooking show.

They enjoyed not having to go to school but I informed them they would have to return tomorrow. Though the doctor found nothing serious with their condition, he did inform us that since it was a viral infection there was nothing which could be done with medicine. Their cough, however, could last up to two weeks.

Knowing that my children are not afflicted with anything life threatening gives me peace of mind as is knowing that the appliance we rely on to keep our food at a decent temperature is once again working properly. Peace of mind can get us moving in the right direction. One with fewer worries so we can focus on what is most important to us.