summertime models

The last time I saw her was close to 14 years ago. At my father's memorial. A friend I grew up with since my teenage years. The middle of three sisters. One with whom I used to create baked goods, to include napoleon puff pastry with custard from scratch. We reminisced on those days and spent the next two hours catching up on life.

My children met her two boys. They played for a while and then went outside to play with the friendly outdoor cat. I admire her calmness and perseverance with all that life has thrown her way. If I was in her place, I doubt I could be able to handle all that she is going through. We then parted ways and I hoped it would not be so long until we met up again.

Afterwards, we had to go home to feed the children. They were hungry but first I made a dash to Whole Foods to get a few items for both lunch and dinner. Thankfully I remembered them all. At home I put together sandwiches of Irish cheddar cheese and avocado along with sliced apples with crunchy peanut butter. I had a quick bite to eat as well before leaving for my hair appointment. The third one since last month.

This time the change in colour was noticeable. I was glad and hope to find someone in Texas who is able to not mess up my hair like the last time. Though the hairdresser suggested I cut off at least three inches due to damage, I compromised and let him cut one and a half. Somehow I cannot yet get myself to chop off my hair more than an inch. Perhaps one day I will return to my pixie cut of long ago.

When the hairdresser was finished, I talked with my boyfriend as I waited outside. We spoke for a few minutes and knew we would talk again soon. My sister then arrived with Saffron and we went to the mall where I spent half an hour shopping with my daughter alone. Sage is next to have his turn before we leave. School is starting and a few new pieces of clothing are needed for each child. A change in my wardrobe can wait a little while longer.

The day wound down gradually with the children all going to the pool with auntie and uncle for a little over half an hour and then to the store before dinner. Dinner was simple. Just as we all like, especially during hot summer days as today. I made rice and heated up black refried beans which I put into a flour tortilla for a soft taco.

The kids wrote in their journals and readied for bed. Tomorrow I hope to get a chance to make a cake with Sage whilst his sisters play with the new friend they made over the weekend.