'You look old' or did he say 'older'. I was not sure anymore but it did not matter.

We were talking on Skype tonight and my husband let me know I did not look my usual self. He was right. And I thought about what ages us. What makes us look a certain way sometimes but not other times.

The effects of the cedar fever were getting to me more this year than last it seems. My eyes are puffy beyond recognition. And itchy. I can no longer put on any makeup as I will inevitably wipe it off. I am more tired than ever before and no amount of sleep seems to help. I have been sent home early every day this week and am glad I do not have work the next two days.

Besides the illness of the season, the stress of our being apart also takes its toll on me both physically and mentally. After our conversation on Skype I went to my laptop and looked up flight tickets to Ireland. I wanted to both see my husband and to escape the allergies in this 'allergy capital of the world'.

The $1188 price of the round trip flight ticket, however, was too high to justify my going there. I find it unfair that the reverse flight from Ireland to Austin is half the cost. I will simply have to wait and try my best to get past this season.