Sometimes you can see it coming from a distance. Other times it comes as a surprise and when it arrives you deny that it is there. You do whatever it takes to not see it. But it is there.

Sometimes things do not work out as expected. Unrealistic expectations which turn out to be too hopeful. It is then that Einstein's definition of insanity crosses your mind. When you have done the same thing over and over and expected a different outcome. You drive yourself mad wondering why it didn't work this time.

'Maybe next time it will work' you convince yourself. Then that next time comes and the result is the same as the time before that one and the nine times afterwards. Nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change until you make the choice to do so.

Sometimes it is our fear of the unknown which takes us down the wrong path or it is simply the fear of failure and our resisting change. But if we do not take a chance towards another path, we might not see that which is waiting for us. Something which gives us the motivation to awaken before dawn and work towards a better life.

Sometimes enough is enough and when that time comes, you will know it. When you reach that breaking point. The point of reconsideration. The final straw. It is at that point that we need to face our problems and accept the outcome. Though we might never know why things happened as they did, one day we will know when we feel better about it.