He would have been in Scotland by now. Waiting for several hours at the Edinburgh airport to board the short flight to Cork. The last minute one-way flight was somewhat inexpensive but the time cost was great. A total of 25 hours of travel time just to Cork. Then more time spent on a bus to Ennis from Cork. But none of that happened. He is here.

There was calmness to the day. A sense of relief in knowing we did the right thing by deciding to wait. For if we had gone through with the impulsiveness of our decision we would have regretted it for the rest of our lives. We would not have been able to recover from such a point of no return despite the frustration of having to exercise more patience.

The children seemed happy to see him there. At tonight's winter band performance of my oldest. She played the trumpet. After last night's text that my husband would possibly not be there, she was happy to see him. 'Trump can't send him back' she told me. Or it was that he could not take my husband away. Something to that effect.

So now we continue but with a different mindset. A different perspective. One where we appreciate that though things could be worse, at least we can deal with it together. To continue as we have before living across the world from each other for years to come would not have been sustainable for too long.

Instead of sitting at the airport in Edinburgh, he is here by my side. That sense of relief is comforting as we no longer have to wonder 'what if'. What if we did not get the house and continued to stay in this cagey apartment. We no longer have to think about those scenarios. But we do have to think about how to make the best out of the chance we have in front of us.